Quality Assurance System for Tour Operators

----- Certification No.2014040 -----

By request of the Ministry of Land infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, the Quality Assurance System for Tour Operators was created by JATA (Japan Association of Travel Agents). GSE was granted certification in Octover 2014 and was renewed in April 2017.

The Quality Assurance System assesses quality in the tour operator industry in three categories – corporate governance, service quality and CRS – and seeks to certify exemplary enterprises. The quality Assurance System aims to provide travelers to Japan with safe, worry-free, quality trips they can enjoy, and make it easier for certified enterprises to appeal to customers. By increasing the number of certified enterprises, the system also hopes to raise quality across the industry, leading to more travelers visiting Japan and more repeat visitors.

GSE is one of the 46 certified tour operators in Japan (as of April 2018) and one of 4 located in Kyushu along with Kinki Nippon Tourist Kyushu, Nishitetsu Travel, and Oriental. Being certified shows a committed by GSE to making efforts to increase the quality of travel throughout Japan for people from all over the world by using our global network system to connect to the rural areas of Japan.
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