Makurazaki Art Tour
Let's go around Makurazaki and behold a variety of art like you've never seen before.
Makurazaki Cultural Center - Nanmeikan

Makurazaki's Nanmeikan is located on top of a hill near the station.

Nanmeikan is one of the most renowned art museum around the prefecture. Makurazaki City conducted art exhibitions for over 20 yrs with the aim of pushing Makurazaki's urban development further through art.

Makurazaki Fish Center

Fresh fish ahead!

Fill your belly with freshly caught seafood brought to your plate from the sea. A wide variety of seafood products are also available for purchase.

Makurazaki Art Street - City Hall

Walk around the City Hall Art Street and witness extraordinary art pieces scattered all around the city.

These art pieces are scattered all around the main district of Makurazaki. Each piece are created uniquely from each other based on what the artist want to say. Hunting art pieces will surely be a fun activity during your stay in Makurazaki.

Meijigura Shochu Distillery

This Shochu Distillery started its operations since the Meiji Period of Japan.

The art of making Shochu (Japanese Wine) has been handed down for generations. The practice of producing it by hand and the making of clay containers are still being used today. When the production season comes, you can see the process of making shochu. (free tasting is also available)

Hinokami Seaside Park

This park is one of the most recommended attractions of Makurazaki.

The Tategami-iwa or Stading God Rock has a height of 42 meters, an art crafted by the sea and time. When you look closely to its shape, it would seen like a guardian god of Makurazaki's coast. This park is also a famous camping ground filling it in summer.

Yasuragi no Sato

Take a break and shop a bit at Kawanabe's Rest Station.

This tour is a tour planned and sold by GSE corp.
( Kagoshima Prefecture Registered Travel Business 2-175 ).

Maximum 40 persons

※ Capacity is subject to change


Minimum for Departure 2 persons


Florence Ena. 703, 16-14 Higashi Sengoku-cho
Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan 892-0842
TEL:099-298-9880 FAX:099-298-9090
Last updated:2019-07-08


Base Price ¥ 3,000
Middle School Students and Below ¥ 2,000
Tour Code GSET0223-0
Departure Date July 21 ~ September 16
Tour Length 9 hours
Meeting Point 1) SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima
2) Don Quijote Tenmonkan
3) Kagoshima Chuo Station (West Exit)
4) Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel
8:30 SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima ⇒
8:45 Don Quijote Tenmonkan ⇒
9:00 Kagoshima Chuo Station (West Exit) ⇒
9:20 Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel ⇒

Makurazaki Nanmeikan Cultural Resource Center ⇒
Makurazaki Fish Center (Lunch) ⇒
Makurazaki Art Street (City Hall) ⇒
Maijigura Shochu Distillery ⇒
Hinokami Seaside Park ⇒
Michi no Eki - Yasurgi no Sato (Break) ⇒

17:30 Kagoshima Chuo Station (West Exit)
Minimum for Departure 2 persons
Maximum 40 persons
Included in Price Inclusions: Transportation Fee, Lunch Entrances
Exclusions: Other fees not stated above


Cancellation Policy

≪Cancellation Policy≫
5 ~ 10 days prior: 20%
2 ~ 4 days prior: 30%
Day before: 40%
Day of: 50%
No contact or after departure: 100%

If a customer cancels a reservations, we will charge a return fee. Regardless of your method of payment, 500yen taken from the expenses, as well as any transfer fees required to return the money.

In the case of the tour/activity being canceled, contact will be made as soon as possible and the payment will be refunded.