Open all year round from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Enjoy Matcha Set
¥ 1,620

"Sounds good, nice fragrance and delicious" for you ...
Would you like to get experience of Matcha ?
The staff will help you.

Tour Overview
11 am~ 6 pm
(tea experience until 3 pm)

Savor Southern Scents with Original Herbal Tea-Making Experience
¥ 1,500 / ¥ 2,000

Use freshly-picked herbs to create your own original herbal tea

Tour Overview
Open every day
9 am ~ 5 pm

Tea Master Lesson in Chiran:
How to Brew and Enjoy Fine Tea

¥ 1,000

Learn how to serve delicious green tea that will earn compliments

Tour Overview

update : 2019-06-24

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What is GSE

Bus Operations

Our fleet of buses ranges from small to large and operate throughout Kyushu. Operations are closely monitored and managed while the drivers are regularly trained to provide safe and reliable transportation for all customers.

Connecting with locals

Connecting with locals is a major part of the GSE way. We want to get everyone involved to stimulate the soceity through tourism, international exchange, and business activity.

Travel Arrangements

GSE is a Sakura Quality certified inbound land operator. We specialize in Kyushu and enjoy arranging custom and unique tours designed to match the needs of the client.

One stop shop

GSE can arrange a wide variety of tours, including specialized trips. School trips, sports, music, luxury, gourmet, hiking, company retreats, MICE, incentive, cruise excursions, and much more!



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    Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, JAPAN 892-0842
    TEL:099-298-9880 (English, Japanese) FAX:099-298-9090

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